What’s new in the MDK app?

Hi there!

The new version of the MDK app is already available for download! In addition to fixing many significant bugs, the new version has several new important functions. We would like to talk about these functions in more detail:

Firstly, a new feed appeared on the main screen — “Subscriptions”. It shows in chronological order all posts of users on which you are subscribed. We expect that with the increase in the amount of content in the app, this feed will play an increasingly important role. For ordinary users, it will allow not to miss the new posts of their favorite authors, and the authors — to get additional coverage and first support from their fans.

Particularly useful this function can be for authors who publish original and rare content for some specific narrow topics. For example, everyone’s favorite @Sanriko, who every day pleases us with his digests, is an ideal example of the author, who is definitely worth subscribing to.

The second important update concerns a personal profile. Two new feeds appeared in it: “Rockets” and “Comments”. In the section “Rockets” all the posts you put a rocket are collected, and in the “Comments” section all your comments are displayed. We hope this will make the navigation of the app even more convenient.

The new version is available for download in Google Play and in Apple’s TestFlight. We advise everyone to install it and test.

MAIN is a new type of social media platform operated and owned by its users.

MAIN is a new type of social media platform operated and owned by its users.