The first step towards relevant content

Relevant content

If we are talking about what is the main key to the success of any content project, the answer will always be the same — to show people what they are interested in. If people like what they see, they share it with friends and come back again and again, providing an increase in the number of active users.

General feed

Of course, the problem of displaying the most interesting content can be solved by the standard hot feed algorithm, which considers the rating of the post, based on the time of its publication and the number of votes received, thereby raising the content that users rated the most, and over time lowers it to give way to new interesting posts.

Smart feed

The solution to this problem is to create a smart feed algorithm, which, by means of machine learning and analyzing the votes, subscriptions, user views, and etc., will offer users the most relevant content. However, in order to offer users content that reflects their interests, you must first create the conditions for the appearance of this content. We understood that we had to start creating such conditions if we wanted to become a truly competitive media, and that is why we created content categories.

Content categories

Content categories allow us to divide content in the app into 11 general areas: Memes, News, Video, Aww, MDK, Lifestyle, Discussions, Science, Crypto, Gaming and Art. Now, when creating a post, the author must select one of the content categories, and other users, in turn, in the settings of their feed will be able to choose which categories they are interested in and watch the content only by them. This allows, firstly, to take into account the interests of the audience and offer them the content in which they are most interested, secondly, to motivate authors to develop other, narrower directions, because now their posts will be easier to find and they will not get lost in the general feed.

Next steps

The next stage in the development of personalization in MDK will be the creation of moderated tags. It is assumed that users will be able to create their moderated tags and set the theme of these tags. Other authors will be able to post to these tags, and moderators will decide whether this post is suitable for their topics or not. So, such tags can form their own separate audience, and top posts from these tags will be strained into the feed of those users who are subscribed to them, providing them with relevant views. Now we are working on this idea and will definitely tell about it a bit later.



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