Start using your coins!

2 min readFeb 20, 2019

Meet the new functionality of the MDK — promo posts! Now you can not only earn coins, but also spend them directly in the MDK.

Any MDK user, if he has enough coins on his/her balance, can create and run own advertising campaign, whether it’s promoting MDK account, advertising third-party projects, or attracting customers for business.

To launch a campaign go to the ads manager in your profile, create a promo post, set the promotion region, the total campaign budget and the desired daily budget that you want to spend on promotion, and click the start button. After the promo post is approved by the moderator, it will be shown to other users between the usual posts. You can at any time stop the campaign, copy it or change the promotion budget.

The price for one ad impression is determined automatically based on the total available number of ad impressions and the demand by advertisers. The greater the number of people willing to place an advertisement and the higher their desired advertising budgets, the higher the cost of impression. The higher your desired daily promotion budget compared to other advertisers, the more advertising you will receive.

The introduction of the first mechanisms for the use of coins is an important step for the development of the project and reflects a key feature of the MDK — the presence of an internal system of value distribution. Active participants, contributing to the development of the community, receive the internal currency of the application — MDK coins. Now such participants will be able to acquire additional benefits from the community itself in exchange for coins earned. In this case — to get the attention of the audience through the mechanisms of promo posts. In the future, we plan to significantly expand the functionality of the use of coins in the app, thereby further developing the internal economy of the MDK.

The introduction of advertising mechanisms is an important step for at least two reasons.

First, advertisers, by launching advertising campaigns in an application, will form real demand for MDK tokens and determine their cost. The higher the number of MDK users and the demand for advertising, the more valuable will be the internal coins that are needed to run these ad campaigns.

Secondly, up to this point we mainly used only coins from the company’s internal fund to reward users, but since this fund is limited, in the future, with an increase in the number of users, most of the user remuneration fund will be formed by the advertisements. Thus, the introduction of the advertising mechanism will ensure the constant replenishment of the user remuneration fund.

Download the new version of the application in the App Store and Google Play. Today it is available for all MDK users.




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