Start of the MDK open beta!

This day came. Last week, the beta version of the MDK app was reviewed by the App Store and Google Play, and we are ready to begin the MDK open beta phase! Now not only our team, but also ordinary users can see and appreciate how the MDK app works.

To apply for beta fill the form on All requests for participation in beta are reviewed every day in order of turn. As the app shows stable work, we will increase the number of invites sent.

Please, specify the reason why you should be among the first users of the app. This information will help us determine who should get the invite first. In general, the sooner you apply, the faster you can get into the MDK app.

If you already have MDK tokens, please note this in your request. We will check your mail and if this is the case, we will try to send you an invitation first.

If you apply for beta, but have not yet received an invite, then please just wait. Perhaps, a little later turn will reach you. Please, do not re-send the request, we will not consider it anyway.

If you were chosen as one of the first users, you will receive an e-mail with an invite and instructions on how to install the MDK app.

We’ve told you a lot about the MDK app, but now there’s no point in doing it. Soon you will see everything yourself!

Let’s go!

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