Pics in the comments! New version of the MDK app.

1 min readNov 1, 2018

A month ago there was an official release of the MDK app, and now a new big update is ready.

Meet the new version of the MDK app, which opens up completely new opportunities for communication! Download on the App Store or Google Play.



  • Added second-level comments. Now, when replying to comments, you can build individual conversations that will not be confused with other comments.
  • Added the ability to attach images and active links to comments.
  • Added the ability to edit a comment for the first time after its publication.
  • The button of the complaint to the comment is taken out in the separate menu.


  • Added the ability to view images in posts and comments in an enlarged form.
  • Post evaluation buttons and the share button are moved to a separate fixed menu.
  • Added vibration when you click on the post evaluation buttons.
  • The number of comments to the post is now displayed in the preview of the post.
  • In the preview of a text post, now not only the title is displayed, but also a part of the text of the post.
  • Added the button “Mail to support”.

Other improvements.

  • This version also includes several bugs fixes and performance improvements.




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