MAIN has minted additional 70M tokens on the BSC network

Yesterday, all 30 million MAIN wrapped tokens on the BSC network were finally transferred to user addresses. As the trend towards the use of tokens on the BSC network continues, we decided to mint an additional 70 million tokens there. Thus, the total supply of tokens in the BSC network reached 100 million MAIN.

We remind that this event does not in any way affect the overall circulating supply, since for all tokens in the BSC network we create a reserve in the Ethereum network. This only suggests that due to the development of the infrastructure of our token in the BSC network (primarily due to the board coins there and the ability to exchange tokens on PancakeSwap) and high commissions in the Ethereum network, users prefer to transfer their tokens to the BSC.

The number of holders of MAIN tokens in the BSC network has grown 9 times over the past 5 months and reached 1050 addresses.

According to the CMC methodology, the MAIN Circulating Supply at the moment is 105.9M tokens (30.7M of which are in the BSC network). The Market Cap is $245K.

MAIN is a new type of social media platform operated and owned by its users.