MAIN 2021 Results

  • The year began with the rebranding of the project. MAIN spun off from the MDK brand and began its journey as an independent project.
  • We launched our news Telegram channel. In a year, it grew from zero to 5,000 subscribers.
  • The platform got a web version. Now 15% of all posts and all ratings are published through it.
  • The MAIN token minted on the Ethereum and BSC networks. For the first time, users were able to withdraw tokens from their account on the platform and deposit it with them.
  • The MAIN token has been added to PancakeSwap — the largest decentralized exchange on the BSC network. The users were able to exchange MAIN tokens for other cryptoassets. The token now got a market price and capitalization.
  • MAIN token information was added to and
  • We have launched a referral program. Every fourth user registers in MAIN using a referral link.



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MAIN is a new type of social media platform operated and owned by its users.