How the new content ranking algorithm helped us increase the time spent by the user in the app.

Basic algorithm for ranking posts

Hot feed rating function

It should be noted that in this formula we use not a linear dependence of the post rating on the number of votes received, but a logarithmic one. The logarithm function works in such a way that each new up vote has a smaller impact on post’s rating than the previous one. This is done to ensure that popular posts could not always remain at the top of the feed, collecting more and more votes and endlessly increasing their rating.

Problems of hot feed formula

Partly, we have already tried to solve the problem of this formula by introducing floating time ratios that vary depending on the time of the last opening of the app. However, this approach also has several disadvantages. If you watch the feed very often, then it starts to change very quickly, and you lose the most interesting posts, under which there are still hot discussions. If you visit the app very rarely, then, of course, you will see the most interesting posts that you missed, but you will not be able to enter into discussions with other members of the community, since the main discussions there have already been completed. Moreover, when you reopen the app after a short period of time, the time ratio will change and you may get the impression that the content in the app has deteriorated sharply, although you simply see more new content that users have not yet had time to evaluate.

In addition, with this approach, there are some technical problems. The fact is that the algorithm considers that if you opened a feed, you watched it, although in reality this is not always the case.

User behavior

The new feed of the best posts

Results of implementation

Stay tuned to see how we create the media of the future!



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