Board Coins. A New Way to Participate in Social Media Communities

What Are Board Coins?

Since board coins are bought and sold for MAIN tokens, below we present the formula for calculating the price of coin in MAIN tokens. To get the price in dollars, you need to multiply the price below by the MAIN exchange rate.

Board_Coin_Price = 10 * Coins_In_Circulation

Ultimately, even if you had total supply of MAIN tokens and spent them all to buy one board coin, you still couldn’t buy more than 14,142 coins.

As you can see from the table above, one of the properties of the coin price curve is that every time someone wants to purchase exactly the same number of coins that have already been circulated (so that their share of the total supply will be 50%), she will have to spend three times more MAIN tokens than was spent on buying existing coins. The price of coins will double.

This means that if someone wants to buy coins, for example, for 1 000 tokens, then only 900 tokens will be used to buy coins and lock to the board, 100 tokens will be distributed between the moderators and the platform itself.

What Are the Board Coins for?

Let’s give an example. Suppose, you created a board and bought 10 000 MAIN worth of its coins. The board began to develop and other users purchased its coins for another 100 000 MAIN. In this case, if you decide to sell all your coins right now, you can already earn 46 332 tokens of profit (and this is without taking into account the commission that you received from the purchases of coins by other users). To calculate how much you can earn if you buy coins for a large amount or sell them even later, you can use this calculator.

Impact on Tokenomics

The Web 3.0



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