We have collected the most important events and results over the past year.

When creating board coins, we said that they can become an effective tool for decentralized community management.

Last month we tested such a mechanic and today we are ready to present you with a full-fledged board management tool — the election of administrators.

Starting from version 3.4.0, board coin holders…

Today is an important day that many have been waiting for: the MAIN token contract was created on the Ethereum network.

From this point on, MAIN tokens can be transferred on the Ethereum network, as well as used to add funds to your balance on the MAIN platform.

Token contract address: 0xfceb206e1a80527908521121358b5e26caabaa75

More about using tokens on the platform: https://main.community/help/tokens

We remind you that MDK tokens will remain frozen and will not be used on the platform. All MDK token holders received the same amount of MAIN tokens in return. The MAIN tokens were sent to the same addresses as the MDK tokens.

Текст на русском: https://main.community/m/DyKBwL

Meet the new functionality of the MDK — promo posts! Now you can not only earn coins, but also spend them directly in the MDK.

Any MDK user, if he has enough coins on his/her balance, can create and run own advertising campaign, whether it’s promoting MDK account, advertising third-party…


MAIN is a new type of social media platform operated and owned by its users.

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