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MAIN token, the native token to MAIN platform, is now also available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as wrapped MAIN.

The MAIN BEP20 token contract address: 0xA5F249F401bA8931899a364d8E2699b5FA1D87a9 (link to

Starting today, MAIN holders can use our web site as a bridge that connect Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to participate in the DeFi ecosystem on both BSC and Ethereum networks. Here you can find a guide on how to transfer your MAIN tokens from Ethereum to BSC and vice versa.

MAIN users can also send tokens from their accounts on the platform to both BSC and Ethereum networks, as…

Today is an important day that many have been waiting for: the MAIN token contract was created on the Ethereum network.

From this point on, MAIN tokens can be transferred on the Ethereum network, as well as used to add funds to your balance on the MAIN platform.

Token contract address: 0xfceb206e1a80527908521121358b5e26caabaa75

More about using tokens on the platform:

We remind you that MDK tokens will remain frozen and will not be used on the platform. All MDK token holders received the same amount of MAIN tokens in return. The MAIN tokens were sent to the same addresses as the MDK tokens.

Текст на русском:

Much has changed in the MDK app over the past year. The launch of boards and changes in the token economy have had a significant impact on how users use the app. From a memes competition site, MDK has evolved into a place where people unite around their interests, share their work, stories and life events, express opinions, discuss news, games, politics and just have fun. These changes are already difficult to keep within the MDK brand, so we decided that the project should further develop under its own name. …

Recently, we talked about how important it is for any content project to offer relevant content to its audience. Today we will talk about how important it is to show it correctly and how the creation of a new algorithm for the main feed helped us increase key project indicators.

Basic algorithm for ranking posts

A year ago, when we launched MDK, we faced the question of ranking posts in the feed. Since the content in MDK is created by a multitude of authors and falls into one common feed, we had to decide which posts to show to users in the first place, and…

Relevant content

If we are talking about what is the main key to the success of any content project, the answer will always be the same — to show people what they are interested in. If people like what they see, they share it with friends and come back again and again, providing an increase in the number of active users.

This is easy to do when we talk about standard social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, where user interests are built around their social graph. We follow the people we know or who are interesting to us, to know what…

Meet the new functionality of the MDK — promo posts! Now you can not only earn coins, but also spend them directly in the MDK.

Any MDK user, if he has enough coins on his/her balance, can create and run own advertising campaign, whether it’s promoting MDK account, advertising third-party projects, or attracting customers for business.

To launch a campaign go to the ads manager in your profile, create a promo post, set the promotion region, the total campaign budget and the desired daily budget that you want to spend on promotion, and click the start button. After the promo…

A month ago there was an official release of the MDK app, and now a new big update is ready.

Meet the new version of the MDK app, which opens up completely new opportunities for communication! Download on the App Store or Google Play.



  • Added second-level comments. Now, when replying to comments, you can build individual conversations that will not be confused with other comments.
  • Added the ability to attach images and active links to comments.
  • Added the ability to edit a comment for the first time after its publication.
  • The button of the complaint to the comment…

Hi there!

The new version of the MDK app is already available for download! In addition to fixing many significant bugs, the new version has several new important functions. We would like to talk about these functions in more detail:

Firstly, a new feed appeared on the main screen — “Subscriptions”. It shows in chronological order all posts of users on which you are subscribed. We expect that with the increase in the amount of content in the app, this feed will play an increasingly important role. …

This day came. Last week, the beta version of the MDK app was reviewed by the App Store and Google Play, and we are ready to begin the MDK open beta phase! Now not only our team, but also ordinary users can see and appreciate how the MDK app works.

To apply for beta fill the form on All requests for participation in beta are reviewed every day in order of turn. As the app shows stable work, we will increase the number of invites sent.

Please, specify the reason why you should be among the first users of…

Hi there!

We know that you have not received news from us for a long time, but the last 3.5 months have not been wasted. During this time, we have come a long way from the prototype to the first working version of the MDK app, and we announce that last week we started beta testing of the application.

For more than a week we have been creating and evaluating posts, fighting for the top of the feed, writing comments and even earning the first test tokens. At this stage, we identify and eliminate existing bugs, and also make small…


MAIN is a social media platform that connects users around their interests.

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